About Us

Shiro-wa is known today for its
high quality handcrafted beauty
products that are effective &
free of harmful chemicals.

It all began with a group of friends that had an idea to synergistically combine natural herbs with non-harmful chemicals to produce beauty and nutritious products. The initial popularity on the product formed a company which harnesses the strengths of Scientists, Nutritionists, and Herbalists.

Inspired by high quality standards by the Japanese, Shiro-Wa was created. Shiro in Japanese means ‘white’ and wa refers to ‘harmony’. By bringing together the purest natural ingredients from all over Asia, Shiro-wa creates specialty products that harmonises with our bodies.

A result of well-proven ancient family recipes and modern technologies, Shiro-Wa is known today for its high quality handcrafted beauty products that are effective and free of harmful chemicals.
Our products:
  • Do not contain Sulphates that strips off the moisture from your skin and dries it out
  • Do not contain Parabens that causes cancer
  • Do not contain Phthalates that causes genital disorder and cancer
  • Do not contain Mineral Oils that clog pores.
  • Are specially formulated at laboratories by our Scientists, Nutritionists, and Herbalists.
  • Are produced in GMP certified plants to ensure the quality of our products.
  • Are environmentally friendly with a low packaging-to-product ratio to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet
  • Are not tested on animals as our ingredients are all safe and proven.
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  We are a company that cares about you.  
We want our future generations to enjoy nature like how we did. So remember to return your empty bottles to us once you are done with our delightfully fresh products, and get special benefits for your next purchase.