Health Coaching

02.05.2018 by Shirowa Pte Ltd

Course Synopsis

This intensive health coaching course couples therapeutic solution protocols with some of the world’s foremost technologies in nano-patching, rapid DNA profiling and advanced nutrition. The course is made to be friendly, simple to understand, yet offers effective strategies to grasp and address some of the world’s most complex health issues & diseases. The course is “truly unique and a must” for those interested to understand, achieve and promote better health. A signed certificate will be awarded to those who successfully complete this course.


 Dr Daniel C. S. Lim                                                                                                         PhD, MBA, BEng(Hons), SpD(Nutrition), SpD(Microbiol), Cert(TCM), Cert(IP Law)

Dr Daniel was the Director of the Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Cluster at Nanyang Technological University. As a scientist, he created a number of biomedical & health-related inventions for industry and was awarded the Japan Chamber of Commerce & Industry Award. He received the Tan Chin Tuan Scholarship & Lord Foundation Prize at Duke University. Several of his inventions are currently under license to various companies. Dr Daniel has over 200 awards & publications.     


  • Human Cell Biology & Physiological Dynamics
    • This will help you understand the simple look at the human anatomy and how certain naturally occuring responses in our bodies are triggered. 
  • Common Diseases, Allergies & Pain Explained
  • Important concepts in TCM, Acupoints & Energy
  • Nutrition Strategies & Treatment Protocols
  • Holistic Combinatory Patching Protocols
  • Patching Protocol Strategy Development and Discussion
  • Health Coaching Strategies

At the end of all this, there will be an open book take-home assessment report by which upon passing will qualify you to received a regionally recognised certificate.

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