Sow These Seeds for a Fruitful Brain

Sow These Seeds for a Fruitful Brain

Feed your brain with these good guys.


Brain is one of the most important organs – if not the most important – that a human body needs to function. Imagine your head without brain? Not cool. And since smart is the new sexy, it is very important to continuously nurture our brain, its health and its development.

There are lots of ways to do it. Multivitamins, supplements, fish oil, you are probably taking them daily at the moment. But did you know that you can ‘sow’ some seeds into your brain? Okay, not literally sowing, but you know what I mean. Maintain your brain health and development with these wonderful seeds!

1. Sesame Seeds


One of the earliest oilseed crops that were found by human, sesame has been here for a very long time. Their little water-drop-shaped bodies contain zinc that helps in learning, memory, and in defencing brain health and immune system. Sesame also contains tyrosine that treats mental health problems such as depression, stress, and PMS (good to know, ladies!). Other than picking them from the top of your burger bun, you can sprinkle these versatile seeds onto your rice, soup, or vegetable. Or even into your cookies dough or protein fudge bar mix!

2. Flax Seeds


Flax seeds are rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that are widely known for their awesome role for our brains. Omega 3 and 6 help in memory, brain development, as well as building and protecting neurons in brain. Omega 3 is also known to prevent mental health problems like Alzheimer. Flax seeds also contain choline, which facilitates our brain function. Perhaps it’s time to switch your white bread with flax seed bread! I also like to sprinkle it on my morning oatmeal or blend it in my smoothies. Make sure that you are consuming ground flax seeds instead of whole flax seeds, as your body can only get the healthy fats from the ground ones!

3. Pumpkin Seeds


Like sesame and flax seeds, pumpkin seeds are loaded with zinc, Omega 3, and Omega 6 fatty acids which are all known to aid the memory, development, and defence system of our brains. Stressed out and panicking? Anti-depressant properties like glutamate, Vitamin E, B-complex Vitamins, and folates are also loaded in pumpkin seeds to aids in calming the nervous system in brain. So munch them when you stressed out! I like to spread low-fat butter on my pumpkin seeds, sprinkle them with salt, and then bake them. They make a great on-the-go snack!

4. Sunflower Seeds


The black-shelled sunflower seeds are great sources of B-Vitamin thiamine which is important for brain memory and healthy cognitive function. They also contain amino acid to treat insomnia and mild depression. Like pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds could help calming the brain from anxiety through its tryptophan content. Munch these seeds by themselves, or blend them into your muffin mix, smoothies, salad, or fudge bar for extra brain boost!

5. Chia Seeds


Here come the seeds with the latest craze! Health and beauty enthusiasts around the world have been raving about chia seeds lately, and apparently these seeds worth the craze. Chia seeds are extra high in Omega 3 fatty acids, and scientists say that the Omega 3 content in chia seeds is higher than in salmon (wow!). Omega 3 is essential for brain development, neurons protection, and brain immune system. Another awesome thing about chia seeds, as most of us already know, is its ability to ‘puff up’ when soaked in liquid. The seeds will create a gel-like outer layer around its little black body, which will make us feel fuller after consuming them. Add in fruit slices and yogurt to the chia ‘gel’, and voila! You’ve got a yummy, healthy, smart dessert!

6. Basil Seeds


Last but definitely not least, is the basil seeds. These seeds have yet to receive fame and craze in the superfood sphere, but they have a wonderful role for the brain! It is loaded with Omega 3, which helps in enhancing brain development, memory, and concentration. Like pumpkin seeds, basil seeds are also known to calm the nervous system, relieving you from stress and tension. Thinking of an alternative to your chia seeds? Take basil seeds! Like chia seeds, they will swell when soaked in liquid. Want a fast, easy, healthy, and filling snack in between meals? Just shake your Vitamagra that has basil seeds in it!

Time to ‘sow’ some seeds!



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