A Cup of Secret to Win Your Battle with Acne

A Cup of Secret to Win Your Battle with Acne

Perhaps your long-sought acne remedy is in your cup.


Getting tired of those acnes that have been persistently hijacking your skin? Or of those that keep coming back to the ladies at that time-of-the-month? Oh, aren’t we all. Acne is one of the biggest enemies of our supposedly beautiful skin, and many of us find it difficult to win the battle. But perhaps you can get some useful help from your daily cup of tea, as I discovered how these teas have natural benefits for acne-hijacked skin.

1. Green Tea

Love your green tea? Me too! This is yet another reason for us to love it – it is full of anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammation benefits. Green tea is rich in polyphenols, making it a single source with powerful antioxidant effect to fight off those harmful free radicals and to protect you from sun rays damage. What’s even more amazing? It could repair the burned cells of your already-burned skin and prevents brown spots blemishes after your acne heals! Zinc, well-known for acne treatment, is in the scene of green tea’s anti-microbial action that fights acne-causing bacteria (wipes those jerks off your skin!). Green tea reduces inflammation by enhancing your skin immune system, correcting hormonal imbalance, and preparing your body naturally for a battle with acne-causing bacteria. Sounds like this little green thing could bring you to your skin victory!

2. Chamomile Tea

Just like green tea, chamomile tea is also an acne-skin hero that is a great anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammation agent. It protects your skin from free radicals and acne-causing bacteria. Used to prevent skin infection and to soothe skin for centuries, chamomile tea is of great help to reduce your pimple redness and swelling when applied directly on skin. Good to know: you can rub on chamomile tea leaves to help fading away your acne scars!

3. Spearmint Tea

You probably won’t be surprised by now if I tell you that spearmint tea, just like the other two teas, has a great anti-oxidant benefit. Spearmint tea is especially good in slowing down fat oxidation, which means that it delays the oxidation of sebum and prevents clogging of skin by the oxidized sebum. Unclogged skin provides less room for acne-causing bacteria to grow and rule over your skin. Yeay to clear pores! Spearmint also balances your hormone by stimulating production of estrogen and reducing free testosterone level (higher estrogen level is known to reduce breakouts!).




Drink them, apply them, or simply press on the tea bags on your skin, there’s no right or wrong. Simply find the best method of tea treatment that works for you! Don’t forget to make sure that your skin is clean before you apply the teas or pressing the tea bags on. Excited much? Also do remember that as these tea heroes come straight from Mother Earth, they might need some time to give you visible improvement and results of your skin. The key is not to lose heart, keep doing your tea treatment on a regular basis and gradually get revelations of your clear, acne-free skin!

Have a cup of tea today!



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