VMG Nutri-Dense

VMG Nutri-Dense

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Non-GMO, vegetarian.
300g bottle, ‘add-to-taste’ powder mix, package colour brown
Makes 75 drinks or supplemented foods.

Main Benefits: Maximum benefits of complete and concentrated essential nutrition in every gulp. Excellent for adults and children (aged >6) who cannot eat much or have poor appetites. Ideal for the elderly, the sick (e.g. cancer patients) or recovering from sickness.  

Important Features: Vegetarian, non-GMO soy isolate protein, high fiber, omega 3 & 6, complete range of essential vitamins and minerals synergistically formulated for optimal performance, gives good satiety for 3 to 5 hours. Best taken cold. Can be made into a drink or pudding. A drink-pudding combination meal typically constitutes 200 to 350 kcal depending on what is mixed with it. Typically serves between 15 and 30 meals.