4-VMG Nutrition Shake Mix Package


Product Code: 4-VMG Nutrition Shake Mix Package


Package of 4 bottles of VMG Nutrition Shake Mix, 500 gram each. ‘Add-to-taste’ powder mix, package colour white & blue Preferred concoctions include chocolate, coffee or tea mixes shaken in chilled water to form a cold latte, or blended with fruits and vegetables, or with milk added. Mixes well with yoghurt or porridge and soups. Shelf life of 2 years if safety seal is retained and stored in cold, dry place away from sunlight Makes 46 drinks (max 6 tbsp per day)

Main Benefits: Safe weight loss, fat burn, daily nutrition, slimming, detox, stomach cleansing, tissue repair & recovery.

Important Features: Vegetarian, negligible sugar (except for prebiotics), pre- and probiotics, very low carbohydrates, complete range of nutrients synergistically formulated for optimal performance, gives good satiety for 4 to 5 hours, can add to taste to create personal favourite recipes, food-safe heat-resistant nutrition mix, can be taken with hot or cold water, activates tip of tongue to be more sensitive to salt (rely less on salt for taste), reduces need for smoking, rapidly reduces drunkenness, diabetic-friendly, non-inflammatory and non-toxic. Non-GMO!

Plus gift of one free luxury shaker tumbler worth $32.50

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