4-Pack VMG Deluxe Shaker Tumbler

4-Pack VMG Deluxe Shaker Tumbler

Product Code: 4-Pack VMG Deluxe Shaker Tumbler
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Volume: 500ml
High-quality super durable with spring-loaded mixer for easy mixing, even with cold water. Non-slip rubberized base. Graduation markers for easy reference when formulating drinks.
BPA-free, high-velocity spring mixer, perfectly balanced for easy shaking

Two Drinking styles: 1. Sport; 2. Elegant

Main Benefits: The VMG-Vitamagra Luxury Shaker Tumbler allows you to mix the right amount of water with the various VMG products thanks to its graduation markings. It’s well-balanced spring-coiled design allows a more refined blending of drinks with very little effort! The high-resonance spring also activates oxygen entrapment (OxygenPlusTM) for higher cell oxygen boost within the drink with some of the VMG formulas such as VMG Nutrition Shake Mix, VMG Nutri-X, VMG Performance, VMG Kids Booster and VMG NutriDense.

Important Features: Easy to hold in the middle with its thoughtfully-designed narrow grip. It has elegant features with its sleek curvy design, environmentally friendly, BPA-free with a high-quality rubberized base that is anti-slip.