VMG-Vitamagra Performance Super Pack With Free VMG Shaker Tumbler

VMG-Vitamagra Performance Super Pack With Free VMG Shaker Tumbler

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Supreme power formula packaged in a convenient carry box. The pinnacle iconic healthy complete nutrition sports drinks. Columbian chocolate flavour ready to mix directly with water.
Includes 30 Performance powder sachets plus 46 low-carb tissue repair nutrition ‘add-to-taste’ mix.
Comes with a VMG luxury shaker tumbler to complete the ultra-cool performance refreshment drink. 

Main Benefits: Sports & office performance, excellent mental & physical energy, improves memory and neuro-connectivity, increases stamina and gym performance, lean and bulk muscle building and sustenance without the fat gain. Excellent tissue recovery & repair.

Important Features: Vegetarian, complete range of nutrients synergistically formulated for optimal performance, gives good satiety for typically 2 to 3 hours depending on type of activity & energy burn rate, just add to water Columbian chocolate mix, isotonic complete with 6 electrolytes, food-safe heat-resistant nutrition mix with VitaTechTM - can be taken with hot or cold water, Triple Energy Boosts for longer lasting performance. Non-GMO! Before exercise, top up cool water to 450ml, add 1 Performance satchet + 1 tbsp Nutrition Shake Mix OR 2 Performance satchets for extra intensive workouts. After exercise, simply add 1 tbsp Nutrition Shake Mix to 200 to 250ml water. Suitable for children 8 years and above.