VMG Nutri-X Box (7 Sachets)

VMG Nutri-X Box (7 Sachets)


Product Code: VMG Nutri-X Box (7 Sachets)


Seven sachets of complete nutrition that can be taken ‘On-the-Go!’

Chocolaty taste ready to mix powder, package white & blue box

Makes 7 drinks

Shelf life 2 years if unopened and stored in cool, dry place

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VMG Nutri-X is a complete nutrition drink or meal that is made by simply adding water. VMG Nutri-X was created by a team of internationally renowned scientists and nutritionists, synergizing the full range of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients required by the body for optimal function. VMG Nutri-X is also formulated with VitaTechTM, which allows for the formula to be taken with hot or warm water. This is important as vitamins usually lose their efficacy when exposed to temperatures above approximately 40 oC (104 F). These make VMG Nutri-X one of the most beneficial and advanced nutrition drinks currently available to date.


Our premium quality VMG Tumbler is specifically designed for facilitating your ‘nutrition on-the-go’ – no messy blenders required! Simply fill 200ml of room temperature water into the VMG tumbler (graduations provided on the tumbler). Add one sachet of VMG Nutri-X, shake it up, and drink up. For a lightly chilled drink, simply add 1 or 2 cubes of ice to the above, or use cold water directly. 


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