VMG Travel Best + 1 Free Tumbler


Product Code: VMG Travel Best + 1 Free Tumbler


Non-GMO. Vegetarian

Soothing and Calming with Earl Grey Tea Flavour.

500 grams.

Shelf life of 2 years if safety seal is retained and stored in cold, dry place away from sunlight.

Makes 46 drinks (max 6 tbsp / day)


Main Benefits: Complete essential nutrition drink for travellers. Helps blood circulation and cell oxygenation. Also sustains electrolytes and hydration during long-distance travels. A refreshing and soothing nutritious drink for adults.

Important Features: Vegetarian, complete range of nutrients synergistically formulated for optimal health in travellers. Promotes alertness and neural connectivity by just adding to water. 90% dissolvable in cold water or warm water. Formulated with Earl Grey Tea to give drinkers a soothing and yet completely nutritious drink. Non-GMO!

Plus gift of one free luxury shaker tumbler worth $32.90

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